Online Istikhara performs Istikhara via Phone for thousands of Islamic brothers every month.
روحانی علاج، کاروباری بندش، گھڑیلو ناچاکیاں، من پسند شادی، بچوں کی پیدائش میں پرابلم، سوکن سے نجات، محبوب کی بے رخی، دشمن کو گرانا، محبوب کو اپنا تابع کرنا صرف اور صرف ایک کال کی دوری پر۔ بابا اعظم شاہ
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Istikhara For Education

Muslim scholars describe “Istikhara” on ask for goodness and willingness from Allah (Glorious is He). Free online Istikhara implies that once one anticipates a very important task, they are doing Istikhara before beginning and coming up with that task. Free online Istikhara is supposed as if one requests to Allah Almighty that, O My Lord, the Knower of Unseen guide me if this can be better on behalf of me and favorable on behalf of me or not?
I have decided to apply for another college program which is becoming an intervener for deaf and blind people. I really want to go into this program but I feel there’s something holding me back which is telling me I need to turn to Allah (swt) for guidance before I make the decision. So I made istikhara while I was in a state of not praying. In one of my dreams, it was confusing because I kept seeing and white and I can’t remember if there was green. It was just when I was in a room, it wasn’t very bright and half was dark and half was light, kind of, and during the dream there was just things that were and white. I really want to do this but now I feel worried.

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