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روحانی علاج، کاروباری بندش، گھڑیلو ناچاکیاں، من پسند شادی، بچوں کی پیدائش میں پرابلم، سوکن سے نجات، محبوب کی بے رخی، دشمن کو گرانا، محبوب کو اپنا تابع کرنا صرف اور صرف ایک کال کی دوری پر۔ بابا اعظم شاہ

Man Pasand Shaadi

In the present round every person is suffering from trouble, any person is upset from his business (Karobari Bandish), some of marriage (Man Pasand Shaadi), everybody looks worried of their problems. Problems and trials test humans. Due to the increased desires of human beings, human are harmony and harassment. And sometimes a person suicide due to these problems. Most of them are unaffiliated in the husband and wife. Now Online Istikhara website providing you best service and you can Istikhara online from Amil Babu Jab Bangali.

Online Istikhara

Mare peyare baheyo aur baheno aj ki post main hum istikhara ke bare main kuch jane ge. Sab se pahle hum ye jane ge k istikhara ha keya cheez aur ise kis mamle main istemal keya jata ha. Baheyo or baheno istikhara ke bare main hamein ye malumat hawsil hoti ha, kisi bi mamle main nehmat ki qisam tlash kerne ko istikhara kaha jata ha. Istikhara Arabic zaban ka word ha. Jis ke mani hain Allah se mdad talab kerna. Kisi bi mamle main Allah ki traf se rahnamai ki tlash krna ke Allah pak hamain kisi kam ke krne ya na krne ka hukam data ha.

Kaly Jadu Ka Tor

Bohat sare ahsa log ha jo yeah chate ha ka un per jo be jis be kisam ka jado ha to wo karna walay ki taraf wapious chalay jahe for example agar kohi bemar ha jado ki waja se to jis na kiya ha wo us per jado wapious palta kar chalay jahe or karna wala bemar ho jahe suna main to bohat acha lagta ha yeah sab karna laken hakikat main bohat he khaufnak kam ha sab se pehli baat jado paltana to itna assan ha he nahi or yeah bohat dangerous kam ha q k jado paltana se jang shoro ho jate ha q k logo ko to is baat ka maloom ha he nahi ka jado paltana se kya hota ha abb main batata ho k log jado q paltana chata ha jab k is ka tor mojod ha jab kisi shaks ka picha kohi dushman ya jadogar khod picha lag jahe or us per bar bar jado kareen to phir victum tang ah kar yeah kadam othata ha ka jado wapious paltahe phir victum majboor ho jata ha q k jadogar or dushman itna zada sifli jado karte ha ka victum paltana ka liya majboor ho jata ha q k victum ki jan nahi chooti jado se is liya wo yeah decide karta ha ka jab main jado paltao ga to yeah sara jado wapious chalay jahe ga to mare phir jan chot jahe gee or hamare dushman phir hum per jado nahi kare ga log yeah samajhta ha ka hamare dushman to hum per jado karvahe ja rahe ha bar bar agar hum apna dushmano per wapious karvahe ga to hamara badla be pora ho ga or us se unko takleef ho gee to hamare dushman dobara jado nahi kare ga or hamare phir jan choot jahe gee.

Istikhara For Education

Istikhara For Education

Muslim scholars describe “Istikhara” on ask for goodness and willingness from Allah (Glorious is He). Free online Istikhara implies that once one anticipates a very important task, they are doing Istikhara before beginning and coming up with that task. Free online Istikhara is supposed as if one requests to Allah Almighty that, O My Lord, the Knower of Unseen guide me if this can be better on behalf of me and favorable on behalf of me or not? I have decided to apply for another college program which is becoming an intervener for deaf and blind people. I really want to go into this program but I feel there’s something holding me back which is telling me I need to turn to Allah (swt) for guidance before I make the decision. So I made istikhara while I was in a state of not praying. In one of my dreams, it was confusing because I kept seeing black and white and I can’t remember if there was green. It was just when I was in a room, it wasn’t very bright and half was dark and half was light, kind of, and during the dream there was just things that were black and white. I really want to do this but now I feel worried.

Online Rohani Ilaj

Rohani Ilaj

There is no doubt that everyone in the world is disturbed. Troubleshooting and examination of humans life test him and problems are increasingly increasing. Such as problems in business, job issues, relationship problems, black magic (Kaly Jadu Ka Tur), disease, disobedience of parent, pregnancy problem (Aulad Na Hona), business problems (Karobari Bandish), property issues and more. The difficulties do not take away the name of the end.

Solutions provided by Scholar Baba Azam Shah are in the light of Islam and Quran (Online Rohani Ilaj). Centuries-old Quran holds the solution to every problem present in the world till the end of times. Baba Azam Shah feels great pride in helping People around the World with their issues using Online Rohani Ilaj. Having the ability to spread out Allah’s word for the sake of betterment of Allah’s creature, Baba Azam Shah is no more than one of Allah’s servant trying to do the best for HIM and HIS creatures?

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