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Wazifa For Marriage

Wazifa for Marriage

Wazifa for Marriage: Wazifa is very important thing in Islam today in history love marriage is a common thing but some family does not allows their children to love marriage because of their point of view love marriage is not right. If you thing that your love marriage is right for you whether you are a boy or girl you can perform this wazifa. But both boy and boy and girl will have to recite this wazifa for marriage every day without skipping any single day. Before performing this wazifa online istikhra with you requested you to performs a Nikha istikhaea first if you can’t do this if you contact us number is 0321-2221372 Babu jan bangali they solve every problems like marriage problem problems istikhara for education etc. they guide and help you every fild of life Insha Allah solve your problem very soon.
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Wazifa for marriage I marriage him I want a dua to get marriage short wazifa to get marriage most powerful wazifa for marriage.
The duration of wazifa is for 11 continuous day.

Wazifa Se Pahle Kuch Shrayet

Firstly make a fresh wudu.
Recite soorah yaseen sharif 3 time.
Recite Ya Allahu Ya Fattahu 303 time.
And pray for easy solution of your any problem in marriage.
In addition both boy and girl do this wazifa on Friday after wajib prayer.
Start with Drood sharif reciting 10 time.
Recite Ya Wadudo 1001 time after Darood sharif.
In the end again recite 10 time Durood sharif.
Blow on some salt that you selected for this and keep this salt with respect.
This is the one time wazifa for marriage. Girl will this for parent and boy will this for his parent consent.
Need to retain very nice and polite behavior for your parent and mix daily salt in there food and always pray Namaz for 5 time. After some days ask them with respect and honor for your marriage suggestion. Insha Allah they will give your permission with Allah’s will.
Marriage is not a just the name of a sexual union for giving birth to children. It is a sacred passion. Maintaining a happy relationship with your spouse is great virtue in the eye of Islam. A good marital relation not only bring peace of mind but also triggers mutual cooperation between husband and wife for prosperity in the home. Another benefit of reciting the wazifa for marriage soon is that you will have a happy relationship with your husband or wife and it will be lasting for life. It is because when you start something with the name of Allah He is always with you for help as and when required. Wazifa is the way to near Allah Pak and everything is possible through wazifa and Dua solve every problem in your life and spend a beautiful and happy life may Allah solve your every problem and spend very beautiful life Ameen.

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